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Etiquette Lessons for Business

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Etiquette Lessons for Business

1: Remember to use “Please” and “Thank you.”
It shows respect for others and that you value them. This is a fundamental cornerstone of having good manners. It is rooted in that act of civility, that one is grateful for a service that was offered or given.

2: Make proper Introductions & Handshakes
Impressions are made within the first 7 seconds and a first impression is a lasting impression!
Greet and meet others in a kind and respectful way. This includes learning to carry on a conversation with others and having a good handshake. The most important part of a good handshake is a strong, confident clasp! A good handshake shows you are interested in meeting the person.

3: Practice good Eye Contact
Intentionally look others in the eyes when talking with them. This is a skill that must be learned and practiced.  It is a gesture of respect for the person with whom you are speaking.

4: Opening Doors for Others
Opening the door for someone is one of those little courtesies that we should all practice. It allows us to think outside of ourselves.

5: Texting
With the invention of texting and Smart phones, people can email/text virtually anywhere. This
21st century faux pas of texting whenever one feels the need is becoming more and more prevalent. With that in mind this is one of the MOST important manners skills. We all need to consider a “no electronics” policy at meetings. Limit or eliminate the times you look at your phone while in conversation or sharing a meal. Those times are for communication in person – not a cell phone screen. You would not pick up a newspaper in the middle of talking with a friend, yet we so easily text. Get in the habit of turning off, or at  least silencing your cell phone whenever you are visiting with other people – especially during a meal.

6: Learn to be a Gracious, Kind and Thankful person.
Being gracious, kind and thankful is a skill; and learning how to do that comes with practice. Begin changing HOW you say things to others. Changing your tone and adding a smile makes all the difference.

7: Thank You Notes are still appreciated
A thank you note should be written within 1 week of receiving a gift. Writing a hand written note is a gift in and of itself.

Contributed by Bethany Miller
Doors of Success School of Etiquette LLC – www.dosetiquette.com
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