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How important is Loyalty in the workplace?

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The next several articles in Dirk’s Den of the Miller Messenger will be examining the character quality of “Loyalty” an essential trait in any  employee.

One aspect of LOYALTY is “Being a reliable messenger to those I am serving.”

The Honeybee and Reliable Communication
Within a beehive of 60,000 bees a remarkable communication system allows each bee to know what his or her responsibility is during each phase of his life cycle. For example, during the life of a worker bee the bee functions in the roles of; cleaner, nurse, storer, repairer, guard, and finally scout. How do they know when they are supposed to function in each task? What keeps the hive from becoming totally chaotic  and unable to function? Certainly if all were “cleaners” or all were “nurses” no honey would get stored and the hive would starve.

The secret of the honeybees ability to perform varied tasks in a harmonious manner, resulting in a thriving colony, is in their communication with each other. They communicate in uniquely different ways depending on the task that they are performing for the hive. If the various communications are not present in sufficient balance throughout the hive, the bees adjust roles so that the hive can be in balance again with all functions being performed adequately. Their precise communication with each other works to the benefit of the whole colony through the performance of all the functions of cleaning, nursing, gathering, guarding, and scouting. Without one or another of these functions being fulfilled the result is the weakening or death of the colony. For want of precise loyal communication the bee colony would be lost.

This same need for precise loyal communication was illustrated so clearly this past month when I toured the U.S.S. Midway, a World War II era aircraft carrier, that is docked in San Diego, now as a museum. The Midway was staffed by 3500 crew members who each had precisely defined jobs that if not performed could result in the death or injury of other crew members. Ten thousand  meals per day prepared, aircraft launched and recaptured on deck every 15 minutes, navigation, engine maintenance, etc. etc. etc. A self-sustaining floating city with a specific mission to accomplish. What an amazing illustration of the importance of each crew member performing a task and  providing precise, loyal communication to his shipmates, and thus being a  “Reliable Messenger to Those He is Serving”.

In the same way there is a need in a family, or a company for precise loyal communication between the members of the group.

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