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The Importance of Reliability

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    There are a number of facets to the character quality of RESPONSIBILITY that are critical to a well functioning company.
Consider how necessary it is for individual member of a company to understand they need to, “fulfil the expectations of others who are counting on them.” In a company trying to survive in a highly competitive environment; how critical to the company’s success or survival is, “completing a task so that it will endure testing”?

    Isn’t the strength of any chain no greater than the weakest link? Or the potential of any company directly related to the reliability of each employee?

    Today I’d like to focus on an aspect of RELIABILITY that empowers a person to be that reliable employee. One of the challenges in being reliable is that when tasks become routine we tend to lose interest and the task becomes boring.  Bordom results in a lack of attention, resulting in important details being missed or lack of follow-through in finishing a task. So the question becomes, “How does one  insert an element of interest back into our daily tasks in order to give them renewed meaning, or even make it enjoyable to perform those tasks with excellence and reliability?”
    Let me suggest it is about focus. If we focus just on the task at hand, we are in essence sitting “parked in idle” with possibly 90% of our capacity turned off. Attempting  to perform daily tasks using only your logical side leads to boredom. 
    People have amazing potential to be creative and a capacity to care about others. Change the focus of the task to how we will benefit the end user of our product, or how our activity will empower others to have a more successful day, and something happens. Suddenly our capacity to care is engaged, because the daily task begins to have meaning.
So let’s try this! Add meaning to your day by asking, “How can the RELIABLE performance of my responsibilities today truly benefit my company, clients and fellow coworkers?” How can I better serve them through my efforts today? The Bible says that, “Man is created in the image of God” with a capacity to think, reason and feel.
Let’s recognize we are  much more than a task machine and release that capacity to think, reason, create, and care. It will make life more fun and result in a more reliable performance of our daily tasks.

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