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Automated Valuation Model (AVM)


Save time and money with an AVM Report.

Automated Valuations Models are reports that search a databaseĀ for similar properties to give you an idea of the range of sales prices that have been historically recorded. The information is limited to factual data. Some databases use Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer “HVE” using national repository real estate information, someĀ vendors use county record data, while others collect information from appraisal reports. Home updates and remodeling are not typically available with the raw data provided.


Why use an Automated Valuation Model?

Mortgage lenders use AVM’s as substitutes for appraisals to establish property value on equity and refinance mortgage transactions at a significantly lower cost.

An AVM appraisal can include:

  • Equity Loan Origination
  • Mortgage Loan Quality Control
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Appraisal Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Target Marketing

J.T. Miller Company can fit your financial institution with an AVM that will accurately fit your market. You can speak with one of our knowledgeable agents to determine which option will work best for your organization. A few of our vendors include:

Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer (HVE):
Freddie Mac’s proprietary valuation tool is based on over 15 years of model development. It is built from a combination of data from Freddie Mac’s national repository of real property information and property data obtained from public records in 2,500 counties.

Home Price Analyzer (HPA):
Searches indexes constructed from over 200 million historical residential sales records on over 100 million properties. It identifies properties within the same zip+4 level as the property being valued.

Case Shiller Weiss (CASA):
Uses home characteristics, repeat sales data and home price forecasting to determine a value.

To ensure you are getting the best Automated Valuation Model for your financial institution, please give us a call for a complimentary consultation at 800-328-4545.

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