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Cell Phone Coverage

For years the major cellular service providers (ex: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) have offered cellular equipment protection programs. Generally speaking these programs cover equipment that is lost or stolen, damaged, or suffer a mechanical or electrical failure. Subject to a range of deductibles, with many models not being eligible with Smart Phone coverage costing more than that of traditional Cell Phones, these plans will repair or replace with like kind and quality equipment in the event of a claim.

The traditional cell phone insurance programs have been available for over ten years and, according to industry sources, have not purchased by more than 15% of cell phone owners.

The Mobile Assurity Cell Phone and Smart Phone Membership Program Market

Mobile Assurity has not been designed to be offered by cellular service providers. That market has been addressed, has its Iimitations, and does not address many of the needs of cellular device ownership as broadly and economically as Mobile Assurity.

The Mobile Assurity Membership Program fits the financial services field especially well in view of its “above and beyond features and enhancements” that are designed to assist customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Mobile Assurity is a full-featured, economical offering that delivers for both your client and their customers.

A few of the uses within the financial services sector include:

  • Give away a month or two of membership to secure a new account or to recognize loyal customers. The customer will have the opportunity to go online and continue their membership.
  • Offer at either full-price or at a discount to customers who set up direct bill pay for their cellular services billing.
  • Offer the membership through monthly statements or a link on the financial institution’s website where the customer may enroll.

Program Features

Mobile Assurity is a new generation of Cell Phone and Smart Phone protection and benefits package. A product that addresses the member’s cellular device ownership needs as well as enhances additional mobility issues.

Consider the following features:

  • Protection includes Mechanical /Electrical Failure, Accidental Damage and Theft.
  • The cellular device may be New or Used.
  • There is NO claim deductible.
  • The member is reimbursed for their loss.

Mobile Assurity Advantages

Cellular protection plan offerings are a part of any cell phone purchase and activation The Mobile Assurity Program Features noted above address comparable features found in competing programs. However Mobile Assurity has taken the additional steps to provide real value to the cellular device owner.

These steps are advantages not found in other programs and include:

Member-owned Laptop Computers Benefits

  • Data Protection
  • Computer Recovery
  • Technical Support

Cellular Device

  • Tracking
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Remote Date Erasure
  • Plans available for Individuals, Families and Businesses

    • Individual Plan – 1 Cellular Device and 1 Laptop
    • Family Plan – Up to 3 Cellular Devices and 2 Laptops
    • Business Plan – Up to 5 Cellular Devices and 5 Laptops (Business or Personal)

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