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Consumer Loan Insurance & Services

Set your financial institution apart by offering consumer loan insurance and services – with help from J.T. Miller Company.

J.T. Miller Company of Hamel, Minnesota offers a number of consumer loan insurance and services to banks and other financial institutions nationwide. As lenders, you deal with customers and financial issues every day. It makes sense to offer your customers insurance and services that relate to the loans you are already providing.

Loan protection insurance is a type of insurance that ensures your payments will be made regardless of extenuating circumstances. Not only is this line of insurance valuable to consumers, but it benefits your financial institution because you know you will be paid if your customers are unable to make payments on their own. The more customers you have who are covered by loan protection insurance, the less you will have to worry about the number of defaulted payments you have to deal with.

J.T. Miller Company offers the following Consumer Loan Insurance and Services:

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