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Customer Loyalty Program

CashBack Customer Loyalty Malls are the hottest customer loyalty program in the financial services industry today. In the last 30 months, the nation’s largest financial institutions all began offering Internet CashBack shopping malls to their customers, quickly making them one of the most powerful customer loyalty programs in the financial services industry of all time. Prime examples are Bank of America Add-It-Up CashBack Mall, MasterCard Market Place, Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall, and Citi Bonus Cash Center Mall.

J.T. Miller Company can provide your institution with a fully branded CashBack Customer Loyalty Mall so you can now offer the same quality customer loyalty benefit retention tool as the largest institutions. The exciting part is that our CashBack Mall technology and delivery platform is second to none, so your institution can have its own fully branded CashBack Rewards Mall that exceeds the specs of all of the major programs currently being offered. The goal of our CashBack Customer Loyalty service is to help our smaller to mid size banks and credit unions get in the game for a fraction of the cost of what the mega banks have spent to build their malls.

What is a CashBack Rewards Mall? It is an Internet version of a real shopping mall with all the same merchants’ online stores, but each one pays CashBack on every purchase made.  Due to customer demand, in the last 24 months some of the largest companies in the nation have launched CashBack Rewards Malls as a loyalty program. Shouldn’t you be offering one to your client’s as well?

What Makes J.T. Miller’s “value added” Reward Malls  such a unique “customer/member reward” program for any financial institution?
•    It captures your customer/members’ loyalty and brings them back to your    website over and over.
•    It generates new dollars for both your customer/members and the you.
•    It helps your customer/members save considerable money (up to 60%) and makes comparative shopping easy to do.

What are the benefits your institution will receive by offering a “value added” Customer/Member  Loyalty Rewards Mall?
•    CashBack Reward Malls are well documented in the financial services industry as a way to enhance loyalty.
•    As customer/members acquire products and services through your institution’s CashBack Rewards Mall (which they are normally going to buy anyway), they are also generating extra “Cash Back” for themselves.
•    These extra “Cash Back dollars” makes your customer/ members “more sticky” as they are constantly reminded of the value of their relationship with you as they shop.
•    This stickiness increases as the customer/members return to your CashBack mall platform regularly to utilize its benefits.

J.T. Miller Company’s CashBack Malls levels the playing field for our financial services client’s. Now your institution will not only now be able to offer their own CashBack mall customer loyalty program to your customers, but you will be actually upping the ante for competitors to stay in the game.

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