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Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance

Cover your lending agency and customers with Mortgage Life and Mortgage Disability Insurance from J.T. Miller Company.

Mortgage life and disability insurance is designed to provide single and/or joint Life and disability protection on long term loans. Our rates are based upon the borrower’s age at the time of their application – the premiums will not increase as the customer gets older.

Mortgage life insurance provides a borrower’s beneficiaries with enough capital to pay off a mortgage upon their passing. The coverage can be congruent with the borrower’s current outstanding mortgage amount – or they can opt for a return of premium policy.

Mortgage disability insurance pays the bill for borrowers if they are disabled and unable to earn an income. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, nearly half of all foreclosures are caused by disability. Additionally, the Social Security Administration reports that one in five people suffer long-term disability before the age of 65. With these statistics in mind, it is wise to advise your borrowers to invest in mortgage disability insurance.

Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance Program Highlights

  • An alternative to traditional credit insurance.
  • Allows lender to offer insurance to all customers regardless if the lender plans to sell all or part of new loan production or servicing.
  • Lender maintains service fees from insurance purchased by customers whose loans are subsequently sold, transferred, refinanced or paid-in-full.
  • Eliminates the administrative work associated with escrowing. Premiums are paid via check debit.
  • Provides added security to the lender as the beneficiary (on loans that continue to be serviced by the lender) in the event of a life claim. Insured is beneficiary for disability.
  • Promotes a caring image for your financial institution.

With the help of J.T. Miller Company, you can tend to the needs of your borrowers as well as ensure that your finances are covered. If you have any questions about the details, terms, and limits of Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance, feel free to contact one of our dedicated agents.

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