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Evaluation & Appraisal Reviews

Obtain high quality valuation services from the industry’s top providers of Property Evaluations, Appraisal Reviews!

Combining exceptional service with advanced technology, our compliance focused providers will deliver solutions with the best combination of speed, accuracy, regulatory compliance and price.

Reduce cost, improve turnaround time on appraisal reviews and valuation services!

Continuing our dedication to industry best and community bank focused products, J.T. Miller Company is excited to present the following providers:

Residential Property Evaluations

      RESIDx is a Property and Risk Analytics firm that markets three advanced products to provide clients with quality 3rd party property evaluations. Developed to stress property values from several different perspectives, including rental income, RESIDx reports provide comprehensive market data and detailed inspections to provide clients with quality 3rd party evaluations.

  • READ Audit (Desktop Evaluation) Turn Around Time 2-4 business days
  • SCOPE (Drive-By Evaluation) Turn Around Time 5-7 business days, 5-10 in rural areas
  • DA-BPO (Traditional Brokers Price Opinion including a READ Audit) Two independent values confirming each other in one report. Turn Around Time 5-7 business days, 5-10 in rural areas

ValueNet provides accurate, cost effective appraisals to customers across the U.S. ValueNet offers an array of alternative appraisal products to estimate the value of nearly every type of residential real estate. ValueNet uses experienced local appraisers to conduct research, data and valuation of the subject property. Click here for video demo

  • ValueNet (Desktop Evaluation) Turn Around Time 2-3 Business Days
  • ValueNet Plus (Drive-By Evaluation) Turn Around Time 5 Business Days
  • ValueNet 55 (Drive-By Evaluation w/Traditional Appraisal Adjustment Grid) Turn Around Time 5 Business Days

Commercial Property Evaluations

Boxwood Means Inc. is a leading provider of commercial property research, data and analytics. Expanding this knowledge they created an evaluation solution that complies with the Interagency Guidelines. Each report is completed by one of the Boxwood’s on staff Senior Analysts who has at least 10 years of commercial appraisal experience.

  • FieldSmart LTE (Restricted Appraisal Approach) Turn Around Time 10 business days
  • FieldSmart (Sales Comparison Approach) Turn Around Time 12 business days
  • FieldSmart SI (Sales Comparison & Income Approach) Turn Around Time 14 business days


Omnia Real Estate Services provides a nationwide, certified network of commercial real estate focused professionals, the most up-to-date data, and years of real estate knowledge and experience to deliver the best Commercial Valuation and Asset Management products available today!

  • Basic (Property Inspection & Condition Report) Turn Around Time 9 business days
  • Premium (Sales Comparison Approach) Turn Around Time 9 business days
  • Elite (Sales Comparison & Income Approach) Turn Around Time 14 business days

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