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The result of exhaustive research of the home warranty market, the new Centura Household Service Plans offer the broadest, most inclusive coverage and the widest selection of home service plans available today.

The Centura Household Plans Market

In view of its great flexibility in terms of coverage and term options (see Program Features), the Centura Household Plans meet almost any circumstance that the AFIB member may encounter with his/her clients and customers .

Listed below are a few of the distribution sources for the Centura Plans:

  • Direct offer to both homeowners and renters.
  • Marketed through financial services entities:
    • As a part of a first, second and home equity loan offering.
    • By an in-house insurance agency that sells homeowners and tenants insurance.
    • Through realtor relationships where the realtor may wish to make a Centura Household Plan available to either a home buyer or a home seller.
  • Utilized as an enhancement – perhaps given away – to individuals taking out a home or home equity loan.
  • Provide directly to a financial institution to cover REO properties.

Program Features

The Centura Household Service Plans go beyond the traditional home warranty offerings in terms of coverage, enhancements and available coverage terms.

Consider the following features:

  • Coverage – Often available at an extra charge on other plans, the Centura Premium Plan includes the following:
    • Telephone Wiring
    • Natural Gas Line
    • Sewer Line
    • Water Softener
    • Garage Door Opener
    • Water Service Line
    • Gas Fireplace
    • Permanent Outdoor Gas Grill
    • Clothes Washer and Dryer
  • Coverage Terms – Three coverage terms designed to fit the needs of your market and clients:
    • Three Years
    • Annual
    • Monthly
  • Enhancements – Included at no additional cost:
    • Pro Service Bid
    • Safe ID Solution

    Centura Household Plan Advantages

    Pro Service Bid

    A unique enhancement to the Centura offering. Designed to provide the Centura customer with a benefit that provides reduced repair costs for items not covered by the Centura Home Services Plan made through a nationwide network of highly select servicers.

    Not limited to household systems or appliances, the Centura customer may go to online to Pro Service Bid to list a household repair or project needed, review available servicers, and suggest a price that they wish to pay for the work. Several servicers will then bid on the job and the Centura customer may select one to do the work.

    Pro Service Bid is a service provided by an operating subsidiary of Sears Holdings and all servicers listed are check thoroughly (licenses, background, financial) and rated by Pro Service Bid customers for work performed.

    Safe ID Solution

    This is a Identity Protection Service that goes above and beyond what is available on the market today.

    • Prevention of fraud using IDveritas which instantly notifies the Centura customer when the use of your identity in credit or non-financial transactions is detected.
    • Restoration of your identity records by a dedicated advocate if the Centura customer becomes a victim of Identity Theft.
    • Information tools such as email alerts and news alerting the Centura customer of threats to their identity, issues of general concern to everyone and self-protection advice.
    • Monitoring of the Centura customer’s credit reports with CRANE.
    • IDveritas real-time scanning of multiple types of transactions and Internet chat room scanning for identity trading.
    • Expense tracking of cost the Centura customer faces due to fraud plus activity logging.
    • $1,000,000 Service Guarantee

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