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Managing Appraisers and reviewing completed appraisals is an integral process for mortgage lenders. Through our company we provide leading technology for Appraisal Management services for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and loan servicers nationwide. We combine exceptional service with innovative technology , we strive to provide the best combination of speed, accuracy, regulatory compliance and price.

Program Highlights

  • Manage bank approved appraisers, AMV Panel or combination of both
  • Built in appraisal review included on every order
  • Technology to help facilitate introduction of appraiser to borrower with email including appraisers name, contact info and picture
  • Scheduling options for borrowers to proactively tell assigned appraiser what dates work best for inspection
  • Integration with loan platforms
  • 50,000 Appraisal completed monthly for lenders, credit unions and mortgage lenders of all sizes
  • Nationwide Appraisal Management Company


Gain coverage, efficiencies and compliance. Appraisal Reviews, use your approved appraisal panel or the AMC Panel

Price: Quoted by State

Turn Time: 8-12 days

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Why use an Automated Valuation Model?

Mortgage lenders can greatly reduce the costs associated with establishing property value and mortgage refinancing transactions by using an AVM. It’s a valuable and cost effective substitute for appraisals and other evaluation tools.

An AVM appraisal can include:

  • Equity Loan Origination
  • Mortgage Loan Quality Control
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Appraisal Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Target Marketing

Fitting your financial institution with a custom AVM that accurately fits your market is our goal. By speaking with an agent from JT Miller Company, you can determine which option and vendor will best fit your business. Choose from vendors like:

Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer (HVE):

Freddie Mac’s proprietary valuation tool is based on over 15 years of model development. It’s a combination of data in the national repository of real property information and data obtained from public records in over 2,500 countries.

Home Price Analyzer (HPA):
The Home Price Analyzer searches indexes created from over 200 million historical residential sales records of more than 100 million properties. This database can identify properties down to the the same zip code + 4 digit number as the property being valued.

Case Shiller Weiss (CASA):
The Case Shiller Weiss index is comprised of several indexes including the national home price index, multi-city composite indexes, and individual metro area indexes. Those indexes allows it to use home characteristics, repeat sales and other data to do price forecasting and home value determination.

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"We really appreciate Wade & Kurt from J.T. Miller as they have taken time to explain in detail our insurance options and coverage. Because of Wade and Kurt, we believe that we have purchased the best Bond and D&O Coverage possible. Kudos to J.T. Miller!"

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