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“Thanks again for doing such a great job for us, and answering ALL of our questions! We love working with you and the entire staff at J.T. Miller.”

Kathy Junker

VP of Real Estate Mortgage, First State Bank & Trust - Bayport

“MidCountry has recently upgraded our MI E&O coverage to eliminate tracking of
homeowner’s insurance. Our experience dealing with J. T. Miller has been extremely positive. Claims have been handled professionally. The staff have been very attentive, responsive, and helpful – all of which made the choice to upgrade that much easier!”

Mitzi Stojsavljevic

“We are extremely happy with the MI E&O coverage that we have through J.T. Miller. Having this product saves so much time and greatly reduces the amount of personnel resources needed to monitor insurance. It is something that definitely pays for itself through those savings.”

Mike Stearns

“With J.T. Miller we’re able to manage a wide variety of properties. Here at PrinsBank we handle every kind of property which are all scattered throughout the United States, and J.T. Miller’s customer service and website allow us to do that as efficiently as possible. Having to change coverage or adding a property to the policy couldn’t be easier as they are never more than a phone call away. Their hands on approach allow us to put our focus on what matters without worrying about insurance as we know we’re taken care of.”

Joe DeGroot

“We are extremely happy with our insurance products provided by JT Miller. Wade and his group have been able to save us the cost of one full time FTE previously spent tracking insurance cancellations. All of the staff including Wade have been very helpful when we have specific questions on our policy.”

Nichol L. Beckstrand

“A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Lori! Lori is always helping me with all the different Forced Place Insurance Programs that our bank uses. Lori and the rest of the staff are always willing and able to help me with the systems or any questions I have especially when the loan and insurance side has been a learning curve for me coming from the operational side of banking. Thanks again to everyone at J.T. Miller for such great customer service!!”

Julie Widdis

“We really appreciate Wade & Kurt from J.T. Miller as they have taken time to explain in detail our insurance options and coverage. Because of Wade and Kurt, we believe that we have purchased the best Bond and D&O Coverage possible. Kudos to J.T. Miller!”

Dean M.

President & CEO, VisionBank

“J. T. Miller’s Lender Placed Hazard Program has let me sleep when I was unsure if my loan customer had insurance on their home. If there is a question we can send in a 60 day binder request and rest easy knowing we have time to get in touch with the customer and the customer has time to find another insurance company if they have been cancelled.

We have several low to moderate income customers who live in rural areas where insurance coverage can be hard to come by. J.T. Miller and Safeco have literally made it possible for some of those folks to be home owners because they could get affordable insurance coverage and qualify for a loan.”

Will Mobley

“We’ve been working the past few months with Wade Tiemann helping us “wade” through the complexity of the forced placed / OREO world of uninsured bank property. With Stearns Bank’s acquisitions in out of the box areas like Florida, Arizona, Nevada & California, we’ve had to lean more on the work of Wade and J.T. Miller to provide the necessary coverage and comfort that the property is insured.”

Owen Peterson

“Our bank has had a very long and positive relationship with the J.T. Miller Company. We are especially impressed and extremely satisfied with the great customer service that has been provided to us over the many years. The office staff of the company as well as our account representative are all very knowledgeable of the insurance products that we purchase from the company and they provide quick and thorough answers to any product questions that we might ask. The procedures in place to purchase any of the available products from the company are easy to use and quick to implement.”

Merlin Bruns

“We have used JT Miller for our forced-placed insurance program for years and have been very happy with their product and service. Recently, we added Wade as our agent for our financial institution bond and D&O insurance. His research and assistance has not only saved me time, but saved our bank significant premium dollars and we’ve benefitted from improved coverage. We consider JT Miller to be an important part of our organization’s success.”

David P. Krause

CEO, Pioneer Bank

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