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Lender Placed Insurance

Obtain broad policy coverage, easy to use online ordering and generous program underwriting to insure most any property or collateral that your lending institution has a financial interest in!

Consumer Loan Services

Offering your customers insurance and other services that relate to loans you’re already providing just makes sense. That’s why the team here at J.T. Miller offers a wide variety of consumer insurance services to banks and other financial institutions to help them take care of their customers.

Financial Bond and D&O Liability

The marketplace has changed, and the team at J.T. Miller Company is always evolving to respond to the current challenges faced by many financial institutions. 

Commercial Property Package

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Collateral Protection Insurance

As the name suggests, Collateral Protection Insurance covers the lender in the event that loss is incurred when uninsured collateral is damaged. 

Second Mortgage Lien Insurance

Homeowners often use a second mortgage as a way to create value for their homes through improvements, remodels and additions. For lenders, that means knowing who has liens on properties, and what order they’re in.

Credit Insurance

Credit life insurance covers the lender in the unforeseen circumstance of the borrower’s death. It not only protects the borrower’s dependents, but credit life also benefits your financial institution. That’s because a credit life insurance policy’s beneficiary is the creditor – not the insured’s family.

GAP Protection

If a client has ever asked you, “What is gap insurance”, J.T. Miller Company has the kinds of solutions that your financial institution can offer to automotive loan customers.

Tax Tracking

Tracking delinquent property taxes has never been easier. J.T. Miller Company has time tested and proven systems for tracking delinquent taxes associated with both residential and commercial real estate loans.

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"Thanks again for doing such a great job for us, and answering ALL of our questions! We love working with you and the entire staff at J.T. Miller."

Kathy Junker

VP of Real Estate Mortgage, First State Bank & Trust - Bayport

"We really appreciate Wade & Kurt from J.T. Miller as they have taken time to explain in detail our insurance options and coverage. Because of Wade and Kurt, we believe that we have purchased the best Bond and D&O Coverage possible. Kudos to J.T. Miller!"

Dean M.

President & CEO, VisionBank

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