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Aerial Photo Included when a property is located in Flood Zone

Free Recertification’s and 2nd Mortgage Determinations

Integration with most Loan Origination Platforms

Confirming whether or not a property is in a special flood hazard area is a task that needs to be completed on each loan. Through our company you can access the industries best providers, who’s focus is keeping up to date with the thousands of FEMA flood map changes. With their aerial flood map technology they are able to accurately and quickly get you the information you need on all your properties!

Benefits provided by our flood zone determination partners include

  • Integration with most loan origination platforms
  • Online ordering
  • Immediate completion of 90% of online determination requests
  • Aerial photos showing properties and overlapping flood plains
  • Completed certificates for any residential or commercial property in the U.S. and its territories
  • Guaranteed accuracy

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"Thanks again for doing such a great job for us, and answering ALL of our questions! We love working with you and the entire staff at J.T. Miller."

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"We really appreciate Wade & Kurt from J.T. Miller as they have taken time to explain in detail our insurance options and coverage. Because of Wade and Kurt, we believe that we have purchased the best Bond and D&O Coverage possible. Kudos to J.T. Miller!"

Dean M.

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