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Designed to eliminate insurance tracking on collateral loans, the blanket vehicle insurance policy from J.T. Miller Company is the ideal protection for lenders working with vehicle loans. If a lender fails to secure adequate coverage, or coverage lapses and loss occurs, you have peace of mind that your institution is covered.

 No insurance monitoring is necessary, the only requirement needed is documentation proving that a provision was required for maintaining insurance on the vehicle. Only the interests of the lender are covered under this policy, and not the borrower.

Features of the Blanket Vehicle Insurance policy:

  • All Risk Physical Damage: Vehicle and loans are protected against loss.
  • Instrument Non-Filing Insurance: Providing protection where the lender has accidentally failed to record the lien on the title.
  • Skip and Confiscation: Provides the finder’s service to locate either the borrower or the vehicle in the event the lender is unable.
  • Coverage After Repossession: Coverage for all risk physical damage for a period of 60 days while the vehicle is held by the lender for resale.

Policy Conditions Required to Establish a Claim:

  • Borrower has defaulted on payments.
  • There is no other valid insurance in force.
  • Lender has repossessed the vehicle(s) and there is physical damage.
  • Lender has established a Skip Claim, and has documentation of the lender’s profession effort to repossess within 90 days of delinquency.

Protecting your institution against losses from vehicle lending.

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"Thanks again for doing such a great job for us, and answering ALL of our questions! We love working with you and the entire staff at J.T. Miller."

Kathy Junker

VP of Real Estate Mortgage, First State Bank & Trust - Bayport

"We really appreciate Wade & Kurt from J.T. Miller as they have taken time to explain in detail our insurance options and coverage. Because of Wade and Kurt, we believe that we have purchased the best Bond and D&O Coverage possible. Kudos to J.T. Miller!"

Dean M.

President & CEO, VisionBank

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